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VOS instrumenten started its African activities in the early eighties. Due to its expertise in the beer laboratory the company provides many breweries with dedicated laboratory equipment. Several products, like the Haze meters VOS4000 and VOS4010 were developped by VOS instrumenten.

Today the company is an all-round supplier of laboratory equipment and disposables and has export activities all over the world. In adddition VOS instrumenten supplies a versatile product-line for educational purposes like Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The owner of VOS instrumenten was raised in Africa, which explains his interest for the continent. He travels several times per year to the East Coast. He is involved in several aid projects in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

We have prepared this image brochure in order to make you more familiar with our company philosophy and activities.

Our African office is located in Mombasa Kenya:

Vos instruments Kenia Limited
Tangana Road
Alisa House 2fl. room 12
80100 Mombasa

Roadshow 2011 Nairobi invitation

Road Show Nairobi 2011

Contact ms. Venna Ijaya Musungu (salesmanager)

Phone *254 717453704

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