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Road Show Nairobi 2011

Road Show Nairobi 2011

On Thursday 13th October Vos Kenya Instruments, subsidiary of Dutch Vos Instrumenten, organized in close cooperation with the Royal Dutch Embassy a Road Show on science at the Hilton hotel Nairobi, Kenya. The Road Show was visited by the Ministry of Education, Politicians and many decision makers from various Universities, High Schools and International Schools. Together with its stratigical partners, Frederiksen, PASCO and Elwe state of the art products for the experimental practice in the field of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Automotive were presented by a team of highly specialized engineers.

Elwe showed its both electronical and electric educational Kits for a tremendous variety of applications from basic to the highest professional level. Special attention was paid to the automotive part. With Elwe, one can learn and understand the background how to vary and manipulate the performance of engines. But - just as an other example- also the electronical background of solar systems can be learned by the Elwe system.

PASCO, world-wide known for its computer assisted learning systems, was during the show heavily focusing on engineering. For this purpose an electrical model train demonstrated the dynamics of forces in the construction when crossing a bridge. This was visualized on a large screen. Also complete experiments on Biology, Physics and Chemistry were showed.

Frederiksen presented the newest products for physics experiments such as the Ripple Tank, the Airtrack, the Electronic counter and many more products of their extensive range of educational physics equipment.

Finally, a show on microscopes and digital cameras caught the attention of particularly the experts in the field of Biology. One was happily surprised that high quality and sophisticated microscopes, are no longer beyond the reach of the average budget of an educational institution.

 Mr. N.K. Gakungu, Director of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, General Manager Mr. Paul Palthe, Mrs. Corinne Abbas and David Ongollo of the Royal Dutch Embassy agreed to have follow-up discussions at the Ministry of Education at the end of November. Topic will be the upgrading of the Science Educational System in Kenya.

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