VOS instrumenten Science Road Show Nairobi

Dear reader,

The Embassy of the Netherlands in collaboration with VOS instruments has the pleasure to invite you to visit the Education Road Show on the 13 th October  2011 from 1,00 pm till 6.00 pm at the Nairobi Hilton.

The Road Show will be organized by VOS instrumenten and its partners Frederiksen, PASCO and ELWE. These are well known companies in the field of science equipment. During the show the latest developments in practical work of Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as in Technical Education will be demonstrated.

The VOS instrumenten engineers will highlight the  PASCO Science Learning Systems , an all-in-one integrated science solution. It features an intuitive interface, a large touch-screen, the ability to connect four sensors simultaneously. More than 60 pre-installed, subject specific labs are available at the moment, making it exciting and user-friendly at the same time. 

Frederiksen will present the newest equipment for Physics experiments like the ripple tank, air track, electronic counter and much more.

ELWE will show instruction panels used in classrooms covering a variety of electric and electronic equipment used in constructions and automotive. 

In the field of Biology, there will be a show on several microscopes together with live video microscopy equipment. Information on the science equipment to be exhibited will be shown if you click on the hyperlinks in this text.

Details of the Road Show are as follows:

Date: 13th October 2011

Time: 1,00 pm till 6,00 pm

Venue: The Nairobi Hilton.

Please confirm your attendance by 30th September 2011 through email or by telephone to:

Venna Ijaya Musungu

Telephone: +254 723458170 or +254 717453704

E-mail info@vosinstruments.co.ke


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