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Autoclaaf Panasonic type MLS-3020U

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Panasonic MLS-3020U compact design is ideal where space is limited. Up to 126°C for optimum sterilization, microprocessor control and Fail-Safe functions. Easy to Operate: The interior of the chamber is free of protrusions such as sensors or piping joints that could interfere with the insertion or removal of items. The single rectangular handle turns easily and securely seals the chamber. The control panel is mounted at the top of the unit, making it easier to see and operate. A water outlet valve allows easy changeover of the sterilization water. Exterior (W x D x H) 440 x 550 x 1050 mm Chamber dimensions (diameter x dept.) 300 x 670 mm Net Weight 67 kg Chamber material Stainless steel (SUS 304) Stainless steel baskets 3 Sterilisation temperature 105°C ~ 126°C Exhaust tank 3-litres polyethylene tank Temperature gauge range Digital display '80°C ~ 114°C Safety valve release pressure 177 kPa (25 psig) Pressure gauge range 0 - 0.3 Mpa / 0 -45 psi Timer setting range 3-litres polyethylene tank safety devices Pressure safety valve, Anti dry scorch thermo limiter, Door switch, Handle switch, Current fuse

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