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Autoclaaf Panasonic type MLS-3751L

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Lab Top-Loading Autoclave, Panasonic MLS-3751L, provides a safe, reliable high pressure steam sterilizing environment within a self-contained unit that is particularly easy to use. It is ideal for a wide range of applications. Sterilizing temperature is controlled by microprocessor to within +2 Deg. C/-0 Deg. C of the set temperature in the range of 105 Deg. C to 135 Deg. C. To ensure the safe operation of this high-temperature, high-pressure autoclave, the chamber and the open/close lever are controlled by a double interlock system dependent on temperature and pressure sensors. The clip-on drainage hose and an exhaust air tank simplify filling and emptying. Effective capacity 50 liters External dimensions DxHxD 478x632x748 mm H Chamber dimensions Diaxdepth 370x415mm Effective chamber height 480 mm, including recess in lid Power specifications 120V, 60Hz, 1 phase, 20 Amp breaker, NEMA L5-20P Unit weight 61 kg Wire baskets included 2 x stainless steel baskets Printer Optional, built-in type thermal printer, pressure and temperature vs. time process printout Controller Microprocessor controller with process indicators, 12 pre-set programs, LED digital display, l Cation on lid Voice alert process guidance system Standard, automated voice process guidance, on/off function Sterilization temperature 115 C to 135 C Culture media melting temperature 60 C to 114 C Keep warm temperature 45 C to 60 C Cool down fan Standard, built-in Sterilization timer 1 minute up to 5 hours Melting timer 1 minute up to 5 hours Keep warm timer 72 hours delayed, auto off Program timer 1 week (designation: year, month, day, hour and minute Exhaust control Exhaust valve open temperature setting Safety devices Pressure safety valve, over-temperature limiter, anti-scorch limiter, door interlock, over-pressure limiter, current fuse Chamber material SUS 304 stainless steel Maximum pressure 34.14 PSI (0.235 MPa) Pressure gauge Upper right, front panel

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