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Menselijk arm model

Menselijk arm model
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Human Arm Mode Accurately depict and demonstrate the physics of the arm Measure torque, work done and kinetic energy The Human Arm Model simulates the muscles and motion of an actual human arm. To activate the arm motion, students pull on the cord with a Force Sensor. Changes in position are measured at the shoulder and elbow using the two built-in potentiometers plugged into one Angle Sensor (PS-2139), included with PS-2611. From this information, the torque applied when lifting an object can be determined. Also, students can evaluate the work done by the arm in throwing a ball and the resulting kinetic energy delivered to the ball. The Arm can perform many types of motion such as extending and lifting an object, curling, or throwing a ball overhand. Different arm muscles are activated depending on which pulleys are selected. Static force measurements can also be made to see how the muscle tension changes at various arm positions. Note: For those who already own the PASCO Goniometer (PS-2137), which includes an Angle Sensor, the Human Arm Model without Angle Sensor (ME-6807) is also available.

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