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Nr.ArtikelPrijs p/sAantal
60297-11202-09Rubber bands for fork with plug, 10 pcs
€ 4,25 excl. BTW
60297-11202-04Screen with plug, l 25 mm
€ 10,10 excl. BTW
60297-11202-03Screen with plug, l 100 mm
€ 11,57 excl. BTW
60297-11202-15Endholder for air track rail
€ 11,57 excl. BTW
60297-11202-05PHYWE buisje met steker Element in combinatie met naald met steker (P1120206) voor inelastische botsingen op luchtkussenrijbaan (P1120217). Buisje met 4-mm-Steker Gevuld met plasticine Afmeting (mm): 11 x 50 x 11 Gewicht: 10 ± 1 g
€ 13,03 excl. BTW
60297-11202-07Hook with plug
€ 13,03 excl. BTW
60297-11202-08Fork with plug
€ 13,03 excl. BTW
60297-11202-06Needle with plug
€ 14,50 excl. BTW
60297-11202-10Plate with plug
€ 14,50 excl. BTW
60297-11202-11Holder with plug
€ 17,43 excl. BTW
60297-11202-14Magnet w.plug f.starter system
€ 29,10 excl. BTW
60297-11202-02Glider f.air track
€ 43,70 excl. BTW
60297-11202-19Stop, adjustable
€ 54,00 excl. BTW
60297-11202-13Starter system for air track Function and Applications This apparatus provides defined, constant starting pulses for gliders. It can fix a glider in starting position and release it when trigger device is operated. It can also synchronously start an electronic timer. Equipment and technical data Catapult with cylindrically shaped housing containing helical spring for accelerating a cylinder of ferromagnetic material. Triggering by a screw-on release. Dimensions (mm): 330 (60) x 110 x 40. Mass: 420 g.
€ 370,00 excl. BTW
60297-11202-17Air track rail, 2 meters
€ 820,57 excl. BTW

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