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Gyroscope with 3 axes

Gyroscope with 3 axes
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Gyroscope with 3 axes
Function and Applications

Demonstration and practical set for working up the gyroscope laws.


The following relationships can be produced:
• Precession (influence of torque and rotational frequency)
•Nutation (influence of the speed of the disc on the nutational frequency)
•Measurement of the moment of inertia of the gyroscope disc from the angular acceleration for a known torque
• Investigation of the relationship between the duration of a precession rotation and the rotational frequency of the gyroscope disc
•Investigation of the relationship between the precession frequency and the turning moment exerted on the gyroscope axis for constant rotational frequency of the disc
• Determination of the relationship between the rotational and nutational frequency of the gyroscope disc
•Gyroscope disc with double ball bearings, balanced and freely movable via 3 axes, which is wound up by hand with the aid of a thread
•Mounted on a metal stand
•Sliding counterweight for calibrating the gyro disc

Equipment and technical data
•Disc diameter: 245 mm
•Disc thickness: 25 mm
•Disc weight: approx. 1317 g
•Counterweight: approx. 925 g