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PHYWE DC meetversterker

PHYWE DC meetversterker
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PHYWE DC meetversterker Versatile measuring amplifier for measurement of very small direct currents, electrical charges and for quasi-static measurements of DC voltages. Equipment and technical data 8 current measurement ranges with very low voltage drop 6 voltage measurement ranges with extremely high input resistance 5 charge measurement ranges Analogue output for connection of demonstration measurement instruments/ pen recorders, button for reversing output voltage Selection of measurement modes using push-button Diode indicators for active measurement range Zero point adjustment, discharge button, range selection buttons Current measurement Measurement range: 0.01 nA...0.1 mA in 8 decade ranges Voltage drop: 1 mV Voltage measurement Measurement range: 0.1 mV...10 V in 6 decade ranges Input resistance: 10 gOhm Charge measurement Measurement range: 0.1 nAs...0.001 mAs in 5 decade ranges Accuracy: 3% Input: BNC socket Overload protection: 250 V Power supply: 230 V Housing dimensions: 230 x 236 x 168 mm Modern plastic housing, impact resistant, with retractable carrying handle and stand