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Histology of Vertebrata excluding Mammal

Histology of Vertebrata excluding Mammal
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2300 Histology of Vertebrata excluding Mammalia. Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds. - 25 Microscope Slides - 1. Cyprinus, carp, liver t.s. 2. Cyprinus, testis t.s. showing spermatozoa 3. Cyprinus, small intestine t.s. 4. Cyprinus, kidney t.s. 5. Cyprinus, gills t.s. 6. Cyprinus, skin t.s. 7. Fish scales, cycloid, ctenoid, and placoid scales w.m. 8. Salamandra, skin with poison glands t.s. 9. Salamandra, t.s. through thorax and forelegs of larva 10. Rana, frog, lung t.s., a simple bag-like lung 11. Rana, blood smear, with nucleated corpuscles 12. Rana, stomach t.s. 13. Rana, large intestine t.s., with goblet cells 14. Rana, liver t.s. showing bile ducts 15. Rana, kidney t.s. 16. Rana, testis t.s. to show spermatogenesis 17. Rana, skin t.s. showing glands 18. Lacerta, lizard, skin with scales, sagittal l.s. 19. Gallus, chicken, blood smear, with nucleate red corpuscles 20. Gallus, lung t.s. 21. Gallus, glandular stomach t.s. 22. Gallus, ovary with developing eggs t.s. 23. Gallus, skin with developing feathers t.s. or l.s. 24. Gallus, unfeathered skin of foot t.s. 25. Gallus, wing and down feathers w.m.