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Histology of Mammalia, supplementary set

Histology of Mammalia, supplementary set
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2500 Histology of Mammalia, Supplementary Set. Complementary to Set No. 2400 - 50 Microscope Slides - 1. Columnar epithelium of mammal 2. Ciliated epithelium of mammal 3. White fibrous tissue, l.s. of tendon of cow 4. Mucous tissue, t.s. of navel string 5. Elastic cartilage, sec. stained for elastic fibres 6. Bone development, l.s. of foetal finger 7. Striated muscle of cat, t.s. 8. Heart muscle of cat, l.s. and t.s. 9. Red bone marrow of cow, sec. or smear 10. Heart of mouse, sagittal l.s. 11. Trachea of rabbit, t.s. 12. Spleen of cat, t.s. 13. Lymph gland of cat or rabbit, t.s. 14. Adrenal (suprarenal) gland of rabbit, t.s. 15. Epiphysis (pineal body) of cow or pig, t.s. 16. Hypophysis (pituitary body) of cow or pig, l.s. 17. Thyroid gland of cow, t.s. 18. Thymus gland of cow, t.s. with Hassall bodies 19. Parotid gland of cat, t.s. 20. Tooth, t.s. through root or crown 21. Esophagus of rabbit, t.s. 22. Vermiform appendix of rabbit, t.s. 23. Large intestine (colon) of rabbit, t.s. 24. Gall bladder of rabbit, t.s. 25. Kidney t.s., vital stained with trypan blue showing storage 26. Ureter of rabbit, t.s. 27. Urinary bladder of rabbit, t.s. 28. Ovary with corpus luteum t.s. 29. Fallopian tube of pig, t.s. 30. Uterus of rabbit, t.s. 31. Placenta of rabbit, t.s. 32. Uterus of rat, containing embryo t.s. 33. Vagina of rabbit, t.s. 34. Epididymis of rabbit, t.s. 35. Sperm smear of bull 36. Penis of rabbit, t.s. 37. Prostate gland of pig, t.s. 38. Brain of mouse, entire organ l.s. 39. Cerebellum, t.s. silver stained for Purkinje cells 40. Sympathetic ganglion, t.s. multipolar nerve cells 41. Peripheral nerve of cat or rabbit, l.s. 42. Eye of cat, anterior part with cornea t.s. 43. Eye of cat, posterior part with retina t.s. 44. Cochlea (internal ear) of Guinea pig, l.s. shows organ of Corti 45. Olfactory region of dog or rabbit, t.s. 46. Taste buds in tongue of rabbit (Papilla foliata), t.s. 47. Skin of human palm, t.s. 48. Scalp, human, t.s. of hair follicles 49. Nail development of embryo, sagittal l.s. 50. Mammary gland of cow, t.s.