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Series for Secondary Schools, Set No. V.

Series for Secondary Schools, Set No. V.
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4480 Set No. V. Genetics, Reproduction and Embryology. - 19 Microscope Slides - 1. DNA and RNA stained in different colours, l.s. onion root tips 2. Lilium, young anthers, meiosis, early prophase stage, t.s. 3. Lilium, young anthers, diplotene stage, t.s. 4. Lilium, ovary with embryosac t.s. 5. Capsella bursa pastoris, l.s. of embryos 6. Human chromosomes, spread in the metaphase stage, w.m. 7. Lamp brush chromosomes 8. Hydra with testis t.s. 9. Hydra with ovaries t.s. 10. Tapeworm (Taenia), mature proglottid, w.m. 11. Ascaris, sec. of uteri showing maturation of ova 12. Cockchafer (Melolontha), ovaries t.s. 13. Frog (Rana), testis t.s. showing spermatogenesis 14. Frog embryology: four cell stage t.s. 15. Frog: morula stage l.s. 16. Frog: neurula stage t.s. 17. Chicken (Gallus) embryology: 24 hour t.s. 18. Chicken embryology: 72 hour t.s. 19. Mouse, uterus containing embryo t.s.