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Series for Secondary Schools, Set No. II

Series for Secondary Schools, Set No. II
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4450 Set No. III. Organs of Sense. - 16 Microscope Slides - 1. Paramaecium, silvered to show the neuroformative system 2. Lumbricus, earthworm, t.s. with ventral nerve cord 3. Insect brain, frontal l.s. 4. Planaria, sec. through ocelli 5. Haliotis, marine snail, pinhole camera eye l.s. 6. Helix, snail, eye l.s. 7. Alloteuthis, cuttlefish, camera eye l.s. 8. Compound eye of an insect, l.s. 9. Young rat, head with eyes t.s. 10. Retina of cat, t.s. showing rods and cones 11. Internal ear (cochlea) from guinea pig, l.s. 12. Taste buds from tongue of rabbit, t.s. 13. Peripheral nerve fibres, osmic acid material showing Ranvier's nodes 14. Spinal cord of cat t.s. with large motor nerve cells 15. Cerebellum of cat, t.s. routine stained 16. Cerebrum of cat, t.s. silvered to show the pyramid cells