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Set No. II Metabolism

Set No. II Metabolism
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4430 Set No. II. Metabolism. - 15 Microscope Slides - 1. Hydra, fresh water polyp, t.s. with ectoderm and entoderm 2. Carabus, ground beetle, gizzard 3. Salivary gland of cat, t.s. 4. Esophagus of cat, t.s. 5. Fundic stomach of cat, t.s. 6. Small intestine of cat, t.s. routine stained 7. Small intestine, t.s. blood vessels injected 8. Appendix of human, t.s. 9. Large intestine of cat, t.s. 10. Liver of pig, t.s. 11. Malpighian tubules of insect, t.s. 12. Primordial kidney (mesonephros) of frog, t.s. 13. Hind-kidney (metanephros) of rabbit, t.s. 14. Kidney of mouse with pelvis, l.s. 15. Kidney of mouse, t.s. injected to show storage